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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-20162005至2015藝術批評教育實證研究之評析TAM, Cheung On 譚祥安 ; LAU, Chung Yim 劉仲嚴 
Oct-2007Autonomously creative creativity in a concept-based cultural age: Case studies of popular visual cultureLAU, Chung Yim 劉仲嚴 
Jun-2012Creative and popular culture industry: A micro perspectiveLAU, Chung Yim 劉仲嚴 
Jun-2008Creativity in popular visual culture: An educational perspectiveLAU, Chung Yim 劉仲嚴 
Jun-2001Diversified policies for advancement to senior high school in Taiwan: Reducing the competitive pressure from academic advancementLAU, Chung Yim 劉仲嚴 ; WONG, Ying Fen
Dec-2016From fine arts to visual culture: An art education perspectiveLAU, Chung Yim 劉仲嚴 
2011Group creativity in the popular visual culture of Asian ethnic groups: A model for art educationLAU, Chung Yim 劉仲嚴 
2013Manga drawing as stereotyped aestheticsLAU, Chung Yim 劉仲嚴 
Feb-2017The perfect marriage? – Language and art criticism in the Hong Kong public examination contextLAU, Chung Yim 劉仲嚴 ; TAM, Cheung On 譚祥安 
2013Popular visual culture in art education: A group creativity perspectiveLAU, Chung Yim 劉仲嚴 
Jul-2012Remapping the creativity of popular visual culture: A perspective on the Asian ethnic groupLAU, Chung Yim 劉仲嚴 
2015Senior secondary art appreciation and criticism and students with intellectual disabilities: A perfect marriage or not?LAU, Chung Yim 劉仲嚴 
Dec-2013Stereotyped image creation: An act of copying or not?LAU, Chung Yim 劉仲嚴 
2011Teaching development grants final and financial report: Interweaving visual arts of Hong KongLAU, Chung Yim 劉仲嚴 ; LAM, Yuk Lin Pauline 林玉蓮 ; NG, Mau Wai; LAU, Chi Pang
2011Teaching development grants final and financial report: Transcending learning space and time: The using of podcast and iTunes technologies in module deliveryTAM, Cheung On 譚祥安 ; LEONG, Samuel 梁信慕; CHEUNG-YUNG, Wai Yee 張翁偉儀; YIP, Lai Chi Rita 葉麗慈; DO, Josephine Kitty 都佩儀; FUNG, Siu Han Anissa 馮笑嫺; LAU, Chung Yim 劉仲嚴 ; LAM, Yuk Lin Pauline 林玉蓮 ; WONG, So Lan 黃素蘭 ; LEE, Man Kei Barry; NG, Clive
Dec-2013Underpinnings, issues and challenges of art-based enquiry: A Chinese perspectiveLAU, Chung Yim 劉仲嚴 
2011Understanding problem-solving patterns in a problem-based art learning environment in the Hong Kong three-band secondary school contextLAU, Chung Yim 劉仲嚴 ; LAI, Ming Hoi
Dec-2008Understanding the young adolescent’s stereotyped aesthetics and popular visual culture in art educationLAU, Chung Yim 劉仲嚴 
Jul-2007Visual culture and the autonomously creative creativityLAU, Chung Yim 劉仲嚴 
2003三位視覺藝術教師對視覺文化藝術教育的認知結構差異與教師觀點LAU, Chung Yim 劉仲嚴