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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-2017Ability to argue: Rooted in natureSTAPLETON, Paul 
Mar-2015Assessing the quality of arguments in students' persuasive writing: A case study analyzing the relationship between surface structure and substanceSTAPLETON, Paul ; WU, Yanming Amy
May-2013Assessing the quality of arguments in students’ persuasive writing: Appreciating reasoning qualitySTAPLETON, Paul 
Jul-2011The community participation process in ecotourism development: A case study of the community of Sogoog, Bayan-Ulgii, MongoliaSTAPLETON, Paul ; NAULT, Sebastien
Nov-2016Counter arguing at the primary level: Developing critical reading and writing skillsSTAPLETON, Paul 
May-2013Counterargumentation and reasoning in academic writingSTAPLETON, Paul 
Aug-2014Counterargumentation and the cultivation of critical thinking in argumentative writing: Investigating washback from a high-stakes testLIU, Fulan; STAPLETON, Paul 
Oct-2012Counterarguments in students' persuasive writingSTAPLETON, Paul 
Apr-2015Eat your lunch slowly: Cultural patterns of communication and language miscuesSTAPLETON, Paul 
Jun-2011The effectiveness of antiplagiarism software: An empirical study of L2 writersSTAPLETON, Paul 
Jun-2016Errors in the written English of native users of sign language: An exploratory case study of Hong Kong deaf studentsTHIERFELDER, Philip; STAPLETON, Paul 
May-2013Focusing on the quality of reasoning in students’ persuasive writing: Moving beyond argumentative form to substanceSTAPLETON, Paul 
Jun-2012Gauging the effectiveness of anti-plagiarism software: An empirical study of second language graduate writersSTAPLETON, Paul 
2012Good-bye galapagos: Evolving aspects of Japanese societySTAPLETON, Paul 
May-2010JALT Journal turns 30: A retrospective look at the first three decadesSTAPLETON, Paul ; COLLETT, Paul
Sep-2011Japanese universities: Change or risk marginalizationSTAPLETON, Paul 
Aug-2011The L2 academic composing process: A case studySTAPLETON, Paul 
Oct-2014Language teaching research: Promoting a more interdisciplinary approachSTAPLETON, Paul 
Dec-2016Marginalizing English in high-stakes tests: An attitudinal study in ChinaSHAO, Qing; STAPLETON, Paul 
Jan-2015Public lecture series: The English you didn't learn in school IISTAPLETON, Paul