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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-200920世紀美國大學通識教育的理念流派及其發展XU, Hui Xuan 徐慧璇 
Jun-2011A comparative study on the design of service learning programs in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and SingaporeXU, Hui Xuan 徐慧璇 
Jun-2009Assessment of student learning in a general education program: Difficulties and methodsXU, Hui Xuan 徐慧璇 
Jun-2009Can reflection alone facilitate student integrate academic knowledge and service activities in an academic service‐learning course?XU, Hui Xuan 徐慧璇 
Oct-2010Cognitive learning outcomes of service-learning courses and program characteristics that matter: A pilot studyXU, Hui Xuan 徐慧璇 
Jun-2011Comprehensive and critical review of the service learning programXU, Hui Xuan 徐慧璇 
Apr-2016Developing undergraduates' self-awareness and social-awareness through service-learning: Opportunities and challengesXU, Hui Xuan 徐慧璇 ; CHAN, Kin Sang Jacqueline 陳健生 
2017Developing undergraduates’ self-management and self-awareness abilities through service-learningXU, Hui Xuan 徐慧璇 ; CHAN, Kin Sang Jacqueline 陳健生 
Nov-2014Developing undergraduate’s intercultural sensitivity: The use of case studyXU, Hui Xuan 徐慧璇 
Mar-2017Development of adolescent moral and civic identity through community service: A qualitative study in Hong KongXU, Hui Xuan 徐慧璇 ; YANG, Min 楊敏 
Feb-2017Enhancing core competences of undergraduates through service-learning: Effects of different service-learning modelsXU, Hui Xuan 徐慧璇 
Nov-2017Exploring the contextual influences on adolescent career identity formation: A qualitative study of Hong Kong secondary studentsXU, Hui Xuan 徐慧璇 ; LEE, Chi Kin John 李子建 
Jun-2013The impact of community service on adolescent’s narrative identity: Case study in three secondary schools in Hong KongXU, Hui Xuan 徐慧璇 
2013Learning outcomes of general education courses with a service-learning component: A case for academic and student affairs collaboration in Hong KongLAI, Kwok Hung 黎國雄; XU, Hui Xuan 徐慧璇 
2013Pedagogies those foster undergraduate students’ intercultural sensitivity development: A case study in Hong KongXU, Hui Xuan 徐慧璇 
Dec-2012Pre-service teachers' knowledge of teaching in an integrated curriculum: A case study of liberal studies subject in Hong KongXU, Hui Xuan 徐慧璇 
Dec-2010Reciprocity between student learning and the community being served: A study on the impacts of service learning pedagogy at a teacher education institutionXU, Hui Xuan 徐慧璇 
Sep-2011Service learning curriculum development in the South and East Asian countriesXU, Hui Xuan 徐慧璇 
Apr-2017Students’ and teachers’ perceptions of creativity, communication and problemsolving in the school curriculum: Hong Kong perspectiveLEE, Chi Kin John 李子建 ; CHAN, Nim Chi Kim; XU, Hui Xuan 徐慧璇 ; CHUN, Wai Sun Derek 秦偉燊
Sep-2016A study on Hong Kong undergraduates’ intercultural competence development through international service-learningXU, Hui Xuan 徐慧璇