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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Sep-20091aH opening session and meeting: 1aH todayBODYCOTT, Peter Thomas
Mar-1997Academic cultures in Singapore and Hong Kong: Some personal impressionsBODYCOTT, Peter Thomas; WALKER, Allan David
2000Back to school: Lecturer attachment experienceHE, An E 何安娥; WALKER, Elizabeth Anne; MOK-CHEUNG, Hing Man Angela 莫張慶文; BODYCOTT, Peter Thomas; CREW, Vernon
Mar-2004Blurred visions on a landscape of reform: Teacher education in Hong KongBODYCOTT, Peter Thomas
Jul-2012Challenges encountered and lessons learned in establishing and maintaining international collaborative partnerships: The HKIEd experienceBODYCOTT, Peter Thomas
2009Choosing a higher education study abroad destination: What mainland Chinese parents and students rate as importantBODYCOTT, Peter Thomas
Mar-2011Choosing to study translocally: Factors and agency in contemporary Chinese family decision makingBODYCOTT, Peter Thomas
Feb-2003Continuing education reform in Hong Kong: Issues of contextualizationDOWSON, Christopher Robin 杜信基; BODYCOTT, Peter Thomas; WALKER, Allan David; CONIAM, David
May-2006Cultural cross-currents in second language literacy educationBODYCOTT, Peter Thomas
Nov-1996Developing a construct of the ideal teacher: The influence of educative cultures on preservice teacher thinking about language teaching and learningBODYCOTT, Peter Thomas
May-2000Education reform in Hong Kong: Issues of consistency, connectedness and cultureDOWSON, Christopher Robin 杜信基; BODYCOTT, Peter Thomas; WALKER, Allan David; CONIAM, David
Aug-2012Embedded culture and intercultural adaptation: Implications for managing the needs of Chinese StudentsBODYCOTT, Peter Thomas
Nov-1999Exploring and interpreting leadership storiesQUONG, Terry; WALKER, Allan David; BODYCOTT, Peter Thomas
Dec-2004Exploring the concept and implications of "Cultural cross-currents" in second language literacy educationBODYCOTT, Peter Thomas
Mar-1997Exploring the thinking of preservice Malay, Tamil, and Chinese Language teachers on entry into formal teacher trainingBODYCOTT, Peter Thomas
Nov-2000Foreign academics in Asian classroomsBODYCOTT, Peter Thomas
2014Hong Kong: The quest for regional education hub statusMOK, Ka Ho Joshua 莫家豪; BODYCOTT, Peter Thomas
1999If it ain't broke, why fix it? The experience of three teacher educators on attachment to a Hong Kong primary schoolCREW, Vernon; BODYCOTT, Peter Thomas; DOWSON, Christopher Robin 杜信基
1995In search of cultural influence: The use of biography, repertory grid and metaphor in language teach education.BODYCOTT, Peter Thomas
Jul-2012The influence and implications of Chinese culture in the decision to undertake cross-border higher educationBODYCOTT, Peter Thomas; LAI, Ada