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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jul-1996The 1997 factor in curriculum development in Hong KongCHAN, Nai Kwok 陳乃國
Apr-2002Experiencing history alive: Self-study of a history educatorCHAN, Nai Kwok 陳乃國
Apr-2005Experiencing identity crises: Stories of three educatorsCHAN, Nai Kwok 陳乃國; LAU, Chun Kwok 劉振國 ; CHUNG, Chak 鍾澤
Nov-1996Hong Kong 1997: Civic education for the transition: A case study on views of civic education teachers in Hong Kong catholic schoolsCHAN, Nai Kwok 陳乃國
Apr-2004Identity and education: A narrative self study of a civic educatorCHAN, Nai Kwok 陳乃國
Apr-2004Identity and education: Autobiographical inquiry of an educator: Experiencing the June 4 Incident, 1989CHAN, Nai Kwok 陳乃國; CHUNG, Chak 鍾澤; CHIU-CHING, Tak Lan Rosa 趙程德蘭
Apr-2006Identity education in Hong Kong: Narratives of school teachersCHAN, Nai Kwok 陳乃國
Apr-2005Identity education in Hong Kong: Perceptions of civic and history educatorsCHAN, Nai Kwok 陳乃國; CHIU, Shiu Yim 招紹琰
Apr-2005An inquiry into the theory-practice process: What and how student teachers learn?YU, Wai Ming 余慧明 ; CHUNG, Chak 鍾澤; CHAN, Nai Kwok 陳乃國
Apr-2001The journey to teach: Lives of three teacher educatorsLAU, Chun Kwok 劉振國 ; CHIU-CHING, Tak Lan Rosa 趙程德蘭; CHAN, Nai Kwok 陳乃國
Feb-2001Narrative as a phenomenon and a method in educational researchesCHAN, Nai Kwok 陳乃國
Feb-2001Narrative inquiry and education reformsYU, Wai Ming 余慧明 ; CHIU-CHING, Tak Lan Rosa 趙程德蘭; CHAN, Nai Kwok 陳乃國; LAU, Chun Kwok 劉振國 ; CHUNG, Chak 鍾澤
Apr-2007Narrative inquiry and professional development of teachers: A self-study of teacher educatorsCHAN, Nai Kwok 陳乃國; YU, Wai Ming 余慧明 ; LAU, Chun Kwok
Apr-2004A narrative inquiry into a family's cultural and educational experiences in Hong Kong and TorontoLAU, Chun Kwok 劉振國 ; CHAN, Nai Kwok 陳乃國; CHAN, Yim Mei Esther 陳艷媚 
Apr-2006A narrative inquiry into learning to teach: What do student teachers need?LAU, Chun Kwok; YU, Wai Ming 余慧明 ; CHAN, Nai Kwok 陳乃國
Dec-2005Personal practical knowledge: An essential element in teacher educationYU, Wai Ming 余慧明 ; LAU, Chun Kwok 劉振國 ; CHAN, Nai Kwok 陳乃國
Feb-2001Professional development in the colleges of educationCHAN, Nai Kwok 陳乃國
Feb-2001Proposal for finding factors in upgrading teacher education from memories of the collegesAU, Se Kay 區士麒; CHAN, Nai Kwok 陳乃國; CHEUNG, Kwong Leung 張光樑; CHEUNG, Man Wai 張敏慧; NG, Kam Yuen 伍錦源; YIU, Kai Bun 姚繼斌 
Feb-2009Religious and moral education in Hong Kong catholic schools: A retrospectCHAN, Nai Kwok 陳乃國
Jul-1998The roles of teachers in the implementation of civic education in Hong Kong secondary schools: Two case studiesCHAN, Nai Kwok 陳乃國