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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jul-2012Arts, social impact and community development: A case study from Hong KongDO, Josephine Kitty 都佩儀; LEONG, Samuel 梁信慕
2012Assessing creativity in music: International perspectives and practicesLEONG, Samuel 梁信慕; BURNARD, Pamela; JEANNERET, Neryl; LEUNG, Bo Wah 梁寶華 ; WAUGH, Carole
2014Civic engagement and cultural policy-making in Hong Kong: The case of the West Kowloon Cultural Development DistrictLEONG, Samuel 梁信慕
Jul-2010Co-creating a prospiel culture: Learning beyond the recipeLEONG, Samuel 梁信慕
2013Community engagement through the arts: A Hong Kong collaborative projectLEONG, Samuel 梁信慕; DO, Josephine Kitty 都佩儀
2015Community-based arts and education in partnership: Possibilities and challengesLEONG, Samuel 梁信慕
2013Creative arts in education and culture: Perspectives from greater ChinaLEONG, Samuel 梁信慕; LEUNG, Bo Wah 梁寶華 
2014Creative arts research assessment and research training in Hong KongLEONG, Samuel 梁信慕
Dec-2011Creative community arts and entrepreneurship: A case study from Hong KongLEONG, Samuel 梁信慕; DO, Josephine Kitty 都佩儀; DU CROS, Hilary Louise
Jul-2007Creativity and arts education leadership in the age of the prosumerLEONG, Samuel 梁信慕
Jun-2010Creativity and assessment in Chinese arts education: Perspectives of Hong Kong studentsLEONG, Samuel 梁信慕
2011Creativity and the arts in Chinese societiesLEONG, Samuel 梁信慕
May-2011Creativity and the arts in Chinese societiesLEONG, Samuel 梁信慕; YUNG, Bell
Jun-2014Cultural mismatch and creativity in arts educationLEONG, Samuel 梁信慕
2013Cultural policy and the development of local cultures in Hong KongLEONG, Samuel 梁信慕
Aug-2013Designing a ‘creativity and assessment scale’ for arts educationLEONG, Samuel 梁信慕; QIU, Xuelan
2014Education policy reform: Cultures, creativities and conditions in Hong Kong post-1997LEONG, Samuel 梁信慕
Jun-2014Effects of real-time visual feedback on pre-service teachers’ singingLEONG, Samuel 梁信慕; CHENG, Lee 鄭重言 
Feb-2014Exploring the potentials of digital teaching portfolios in higher education institutionsLEE, Yeung Chung 李揚津 ; CHEN, Hsueh Chu 陳雪珠 ; LEONG, Samuel 梁信慕
2017Globalization and technology in twenty-first-century educationLEONG, Samuel 梁信慕