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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jul-200321世紀香港高等教育發展戰略WU, Siu Wai 胡少偉 ; YUNG, Man Sing Andrew 容萬城
2013「24/7」的全方位學習理念與「泛性通用素質」的培養TSANG, Yip Fat Richard 曾葉發
Sep-20092nd order research: Theory, evidence and reformCHENG, Yin Cheong 鄭燕祥 
Oct-20102nd order research: Theory, evidence and reformCHENG, Yin Cheong 鄭燕祥 
Apr-20153 improving mobile phone perception by implementing automated customized enhanced technology: Application in people with and without hearing lossKAM, Chi Shan 甘志珊 ; SUNG, John Ka Keung; LEE, Tan; WONG, T. K. C.; VAN HASSELT, Charles Andrew
Aug-2004The 3-tier model of self-perception in young children: Examination of its infrastructureCHOW, Wah Edward 周華
Jun-2008334學制改革帶來香港高等藝術教育的挑戰和機遇LAI, Ming Hoi Victor 黎明海
Jan-2010335 subject review—ArtHICKMAN, Richard
2011360° promotion of healthy living among studentsKAM, Wai Keung Kevin 甘偉強 ; LI, Chung 李宗; CRUZ, Alberto 高達倫 
20023D and virtual reality resources for effective teaching and learning of science: Practical examples and educational implicationsYEUNG, Yau Yuen 楊友源 
Jun-19974-Figure Tables? Calculators?LEUNG, Chi Keung Eddie 梁志強 
Jan-200740 years on: Globalization, regionalization, and the formation of an ASEAN education spaceKOH, Aaron Soon Lee 許順利
2009《4Q親子錦囊》LEE-MAN, Yuk Ching 李文玉清; MAN, Ying Ling 文英玲 ; 呂詩敏; 劉淑娟
Nov-20084種活性炭吸附典型內分泌干擾物DBP的特性劉輝; 方戰強; TSANG, Po Keung Eric 曾寶強 ; 陳曉蕾
20125 sets (equivalent to approximately 50 hours) of interactive online self-access learning materials on Chinese writing skills are developed
20026174 的秘密POON, Kin Keung Eric 潘建強 
20147 sets oral examination papers for Tertiary Putonghua Test (TPT)
Oct-199996 香港公民教育指引反思FOK, Shui Che Janet 霍瑞次
200096 香港公民教育指引反思FOK, Shui Che Janet 霍瑞次
20139星期摘5**袐笈CHAN, Wai Hong 陳偉康