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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004C.a.R.與小學數學教學MAN, Yiu Kwong 文耀光 
May-2011C061 Normal hearing and cochlear-implanted Mandarin-speaking children's word and lexical tone recognition in noise under spatially mixed versus spatially separated conditions: An account on the development of spatial separation advantageYUEN, Chi Pun 袁志彬 
2000The CAD/CAM training networkTAM, Wai Man; LAI, C. K.; LO, Ting Kau 盧騰蛟; AU, Wing Kee 區榮基
May-2017Cadmium in rice: Transport mechanisms, influencing factors, and minimizing measuresLI, Hui; LUO, Na; LI, Yan Wen; CAI, Quan-Ying; LI, Hui Yuan; MO, Ce-Hui; WONG, Ming Hung 黃銘洪 
2012Calculators in classroomLEUNG, Chi Keung Eddie 梁志強 
Dec-2017Calibrating the CEFR against the China standards of English for college English vocabulary education in ChinaZHAO, Wen; WANG, Boran; CONIAM, David 龔大胃 ; XIE, Bingxue
Apr-2017California's renewable generation and pumped hydro storage's profitabilityLIU, Yun; WOO, Chi Keung 胡志強 
Feb-2006Call centre communication measurement processes in non-English speaking context: The scorecardLOCKWOOD, Jane Elizabeth Mary
Sep-2006Call centre communication measurement processes in non-English speaking contexts: The scorecardLOCKWOOD, Jane Elizabeth Mary
Feb-2014A call for multicultural special education in Hong Kong: Insights from a case studyPOON-MCBRAYER, Kim Fong 潘劍芳 
Mar-2015Calling for bravery: On principals’ instructional leadership in the context of Hubei provinceLI, Jiacheng; LU, Jiafang 陸佳芳 ; LI, Yan; WANG, Juan; DENG, Rui
Jul-2015Calling for effective career planning training for students with special educational needs in Hong Kong: Preliminary findings of their perceived post-school outcomesSIN, Kuen Fung 冼權鋒 ; YANG, Lan 楊蘭 
Aug-2010Calling ISME authors: Policies, procedures and practices for publishing in the international journal of music educationCHEUNG-YUNG, Wai Yee Jane 張翁偉儀
Jul-2007Campus TV and the development of important thinking skillsHUNG, Hing Keung Vincent 孔慶強 ; YUEN, H. K. Allan
Jan-2014Can a cardiorespiratory field parameter assess both cardiovascular and respiratory fitness in schoolchildren?CHUNG, Ming Yan 鍾明恩 ; CHOW, Pui Yu Lina 周佩瑜 ; TSANG, Cheuk Kuen Eric 曾卓權; CHUNG, Wai Yee Joanne 鍾慧儀 
Jan-2014Can a teacher certification scheme change ELT classroom practice?CHOI, Tae Hee 崔太僖 ; ANDON, Nick
2011Can active video games improve physical fitness in children and adolescents?LAU, Erica Y.; LAU, Patrick W. C.; WONG, Pui Lam 王培林
Mar-2009Can an egg-dropping race enhance students' conceptual understanding of air resistance?LEE, Yeung Chung 李揚津 ; KWOK, Ping Wai 郭炳偉 
Nov-2009Can and should ‘established best practice’ be implemented in local development contexts?MASON, Mark 
May-2005Can children's social skills be enhanced through singing games in music lesson?LAU, Wing Chi Margaret 劉永慈