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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Sep-2003E learning: Issues of pedagogy and practice for the information ageGILBERT, Kieth; YELLAND, Nicola Jill; TSEMBAS, Stavroula
2001《e 教學攻略手冊:數學篇》LAI, Yiu Chi 黎耀志 ; NG, Yui Kin 吳銳堅; WONG, Tak Wah 黃德華
2010E-assessment as a learning toolKWAN, Reggie; WONG, Kwok Fai Kenneth 黃國輝; TSANG, Philip; YU, Francis
Jun-2015e-Assessment of online collaborative learning process in Wiki platformNG, Wing Shui 吳永水 
Aug-2005E-C concord: A computer tool for foreign language educationWANG, Lixun 王立勛 
Jun-2007E-C concord: A parallel concordancing tool for language teaching and learningWANG, Lixun 王立勛 
2010E-handbook of academic writing
Mar-2015E-health promotion @HKIEd: Good practices and lesson learntMA, Wai Wing Ada 馬慧穎 
2007E-leadership training for early childhood principalHAN, Chung Wai Christina 韓重惠 
Nov-2016E-Leadership training in higher education without direct instructionMOK, Magdalena Mo Ching 莫慕貞 ; KWOK, Ka Wing 郭嘉榮; LAM, Sze Ming 林思明; LI, Ping 李平; CHEN, Shihui; KONG, Siu Cheung 江紹祥 
2002E-learning and HK school educationPANG, Ka Man 彭家文; AU, Wing Kee 區榮基
Jun-2011E-learning and paradigm shift in learning and teachingCHENG, Yin Cheong 鄭燕祥 
May-2005E-learning as a means to foster student understanding of traditional Chinese cultureTANG, Shing Fung 鄧城鋒
Jun-2011e-learning for twenty-first century skillsKONG, Siu Cheung 江紹祥 
2015E-learning in mathematics educationKONG, Siu Cheung 江紹祥 
Jun-2015e-Learning in school education in Hong Kong: An evaluation of 11 pilot projectsKONG, Siu Cheung 江紹祥 
2014E-learning in school education in the coming 10 years for developing 21st century skills: Critical research issues and policy implicationsKONG, Siu Cheung 江紹祥 ; CHAN, Tak-Wai; GRIFFIN, Patrick; HOPPE, Ulrich; HUANG, Ronghuai; KINSHUK; LOOI, Chee Kit; MILRAD, Marcelo; NORRIS, Cathleen; NUSSBAUM, Miguel; SHARPLES, Mike; SO, Wing Mui Winnie 蘇詠梅 ; SOLOWAY, Elliot; YU, Shengquan
Nov-2014e-learning in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics)LAM, Chung Man Irene 林從敏; CHAN, Ka Wing; FOK, Wai Tung Wilton
Mar-2015e-Learning workshop for staff: Exploring the use of digital teaching portfoliosLAI, Ming 賴明 ; NGAI, Chiu Yee Alexandra 倪昭儀
May-2016E-learning: A blessing or a burden?OR, Pui Lai 柯培麗