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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-2016Fabrication and enhanced CO₂ reduction performance of N-self-doped TiO₂ microsheet photocatalyst by bi-cocatalyst modificationAKPLE, Maxwell Selase; LOW, Jingxiang; LIU, Shengwei; CHENG, Bei; YU, Jiaguo; HO, Wing Kei 何詠基 
Jan-2017Fabrication and photocatalytic activity enhanced mechanism of direct Z-scheme g-C₃N₄/Ag₂WO₄ photocatalystZHU, Bicheng; XIA, Pengfei; LI, Yao; HO, Wing Kei 何詠基 ; YU, Jiaguo
Dec-2016Fabrication of Bi₂O₂CO₃/g-C₃N₄ heterojunctions for efficiently photocatalytic NO in air removal: In-situ self-sacrificial synthesis, characterizations and mechanistic studyWANG, Zhenyu; HUANG, Yu; HO, Wing Kei 何詠基 ; CAO, Junji; SHEN, Zhenxing; LEE, Shun Cheng Frank
Jan-2017Fabrication of TiO₂ nanorod assembly grafted rGO (rGO@TiO₂-NR) hybridized flake-like photocatalystLV, Kangle; FANG, Shun; SI, Lingling; XIA, Yang; HO, Wing Kei 何詠基 ; LI, Mei
Nov-2017Fabrication of walnut-like BiVO₄@Bi₂S₃ heterojunction for efficient visible photocatalytic reduction of Cr(VI)ZHOU, Zhun; LI, Yuhan; LV, Kangle; WU, Xiaofeng; LI, Qin; LUO, Jianmin
Dec-2012Facebook as change? Political engagement in semi-democratic Hong Kong in its transition to universal suffrageYUNG, Lock Betty 容樂 ; LEUNG, Lisa Yuk Ming
Apr-2013Facebook as political engagement: The case of Hong KongYUNG, Lock Betty 容樂 
Mar-2013Facebook as ‘deliberative democracy‘? The role of ‘friendship‘ in the participatory use of social mediaLEUNG, Lisa Yuk Ming; YUNG, Lock Betty 容樂 
Apr-2013Facebook: More than social networking for at-risk studentsNG, Mee Wah Eugenia 吳美華; WONG, C. H. Hugo
Apr-2013Facets cognitive diagnosis models for rater effectLI, Xiaomin; WANG, Wen Chung 王文中 
Aug-2012The facets graded response modelCHOW, Kui Foon 周钜寬; JIN, Kuan Yu; WANG, Wen Chung 王文中 
Dec-2011The facets IRT unfolding modelsLIU, Chen Wei; WANG, Wen Chung 王文中 
Aug-2012Facets modeling for rater sensitivityJIN, Kuan Yu; WANG, Wen Chung 王文中 
2015Facile fabrication of porous Cr-doped SrTiO₃ nanotubes by electrospinning and their enhanced visible-light-driven photocatalytic propertiesHOU, Dongfang; HU, Xianluo; HO, Wing Kei 何詠基 ; HU, Pei; HUANG, Yunhui
Sep-2015Facile synthesis of porous graphene-like carbon nitride (C₆N₉H₃) with excellent photocatalytic activity for NO removalDONG, Guohui; HO, Wing Kei 何詠基 ; LI, Yuhan; ZHANG, Lizhi
Aug-2012Facile synthesis of visible-light-activated F-doped TiO ₂ hollow spheres by ultrasonic spray pyrolysisHUANG, Jianhui; HO, Wing Kei 何詠基 ; LEE, Shun Cheng Frank
May-2017Facile synthesis of ZnₓCd₁₋ₓS solid solution microspheres through ultrasonic spray pyrolysis for improved photocatalytic activityHUANG, Jianhui; LIN, Wenting; XIE, Liyan; HO, Wing Kei 何詠基 
Dec-2003Facilitating active learning through a thematic science curriculumCHAN, Man Tak 陳萬德; KWOK, Ping Wai 郭炳偉 
Aug-1999Facilitating English language learning of NAC: Perspective from the give and the takeLUK, Ching Man 陸靜雯; IP, Kin Yuen 葉建源
Feb-2017Facilitating higher-order thinking with the flipped classroom model: A student teacher’s experience in a Hong Kong secondary schoolLEE, Kin Yuen Mike 李健源; LAI, Yiu Chi 黎耀志