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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Ka-ho, a case study of a Chinese adolescent with dyslexiaCHU, Sing Wa Steven 朱醒華 ; CHUNG, Kevin Kien Hoa 鍾杰華 
2011Ka-ho, a case study of dyslexia in ChinaCHU, Sing Wa Steven 朱醒華 ; CHUNG, Kevin Kien Hoa 鍾杰華 ; HO, Fuk Chuen 何褔全 
Mar-2012Key areas of responsibilities of vice principals in Guangzhou and Hong KongLU, Jiafang 陸佳芳 ; WANG, Hong; HALLINGER, Philip 賀靈傑; WALKER, Allan David 汪雅量 
2013Key challenges facing the SRI indices development in ChinaHO Ching Ching, Mary 何晶晶
2016Key contexts and challengesCHONG, King Man Eric 莊璟珉 ; DAVIES, Ian; EPSTEIN, Terrie; PECK, Carla L.; PETERSON, Andrew; ROSS, Alistair; SCHMIDT, Maria Auxiliadora Moreira dos Santos; SEARS, Alan; SONU, Debbie
Dec-2011Key issues, challenges and prospects concerning skills development for employability and sustainable livelihoods in the Asia-Pacific region: Meeting the pressing demands of a dynamic regionMACLEAN, Rupert 馬敬言
Jul-2004Key of curriculum leadership in reform: Building collaborative teamsFOK, Ping Kwan 霍秉坤 
2017Key practices of leadership for service in Hong KongSNELL, Robin Stanley; CHAN, Yin Lee Maureen 陳燕琍; ZOU, Xiaoping Tracy
Jul-2017The key role of biochar in the rapid removal of decabromodiphenyl ether from aqueous solution by biochar-supported Ni/Fe bimetallic nanoparticlesYI, Yunqiang; WU, Juan; WEI, Yufen; FANG, Zhanqiang; TSANG, Po Keung Eric 曾寶強 
Dec-2005The key tensions and important opportunities in the assessment and learning processes in the classroomBERRY, Rita Shuk Yin 張淑賢
May-2000A key to successful environmental education: Teacher trainees' attitude, behaviour, and knowledgeLUI, Chung Wai Kevin 呂宗偉; TSANG, Po Keung Eric 曾寶強 ; CHAN, Sing Lai 陳城禮
Dec-1999A key to successful environmental education: Understanding of Hong Kong Institute of Education teacher trainees' attitude, behaviour and knowledgeLUI, Chung Wai Kevin 呂宗偉; TSANG, Po Keung Eric 曾寶強 ; CHAN, Sing Lai 陳城禮
Oct-2008KG pupils 0-3 years old: Training the earKWONG, Wing Yee 鄺詠兒
Jun-2009KIDMAP, a web based system for gathering patients' feedback on their doctorsCHIEN, Tsair Wei; WANG, Wen Chung 王文中 ; LIN, Sho Be; LIN, Ching Yih; GUO, How Ran; SU, Shih Bin
Mar-2006Kidney failure and dialysis: A problem-solving approach in teaching science, technology and societyLEE, Yeung Chung 李揚津 
Sep-2001The kind of political socialization needed in the secondary schools of Hong Kong in the 21st century: Some essential elementsNGAI, Siu Keung George 倪紹強 
2010Kindergarten children's number sense development through board gamesWANG, Zhenlin 王貞琳 ; HUNG, Lai Ming
2000Kindergarten principals in Hong Kong: Job stress and support from a close friendCHEUK, Wai Hing; CHEUK-WONG, Kwok Sai Tricia 黃國茜 ; ROSEN, Sidney
Apr-2010Kindergarten teachers' perceived school culture and well-being: A comparison of non-profit-making and profit-making kindergartensWONG, Yau Ho Paul 黃有豪 
2002Kindergarten teachers' rating of children's social competence and strategies they use to guide appropriate behaviourLAU, Wing Chi Margaret 劉永慈