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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Oasis: Artists' studios in Hong Kong (Vol. 2)LAI, Ming Hoi Victor 黎明海
2011"Obamania" in china and its yielding to nationalism: Quantitative responses from elitist Chinese students in Beijing toward the 2008 U.S. election and structural analysisSHEN, Xu Hui Simon 沈旭暉
Jul-2009OBE: A coin with two sides or many different coins?LITTLEWOOD, William Thomas 李德桓
Aug-2010Obesity in Hong Kong Chinese preschool children: Where are all the nurses?CHAN, Mei Sheung Christine 陳美嫦; DEAVE, Toity; GREENHALGH, Trisha
Jul-2007Obesity in Hong Kong toddlers: A multi-level case studyCHAN, Mei Sheung Christine 陳美嫦; DEAVE, Toity; GREENHALGH, Trisha
Mar-2008Obesity in preschool children in Hong Kong: A mixed method studyCHAN, Mei Sheung Christine 陳美嫦
Nov-2008Obesity of preschool children in HK: A mixed method of studyCHAN, Mei Sheung Christine 陳美嫦; GREENHALGH, Trisha; DEAVE, Toity
2003Obesity prevention and health promotion during early periods of growth and developmentPARIZKOVA, Jana; CHIN, Ming Kai 錢銘佳
Sep-2007Obesity prevention and health promotion during early periods of growth and developmentCHIN, Ming Kai 錢銘佳
2010Obesity prevention in Singapore: Collaborative efforts among government, health professionals and the communityGUPTA, Nidhi; CHIN, Ming Kai; YANG, Jingzhen; BALASEKARAN, Govindasamy; CHIA, Michael; GIRANDOLA, Robert N.; EDGINTON, Christopher R.; MOK, Magdalena Mo Ching 莫慕貞 
Jan-2014Object movements synopsis via part assembling and stitchingNIE, Yongwei; SUN, Hanqiu; LI, Ping 李平; XIAO, Chunxia; MA, Kwan-Liu
Dec-2010OBL and a technology enhanced assessment initiativeSHROFF, Ronnie Homi
Sep-2010An OBL approach to course development
Mar-2011OBL approach: Old wine in a new bottle?CHAN, Kam Wing Paul 陳錦榮 
2009OBL contents and learning outcomesLIM, Audrey; SIEGEL, Linda
2010OBL experienceLEE, How Chung 李孝聰
Dec-2009OBL experienceTONG, Shau Ling 唐唐秀玲; WONG, Leung Wo 王良和 ; HO, Chi Hang 何志恒 ; HUI, Ming Fai Margaret 許明輝; LI, Kun Chung
Feb-2010OBL experiencesWONG, Leung Wo 王良和 ; HO, Chi Hang 何志恒 
Sep-2010OBL experiences and insightCHEUNG, Sau Hung 張壽洪 ; HO, Chi Hang 何志恒 ; LEE, How Chung 李孝聰; LEUNG, Pui Wan Pamela 梁佩雲 ; WONG, Leung Wo 王良和 
Jul-2009OBL module development and implementation 2009LO, Yiu Chun 羅耀珍; LI, Wai Shing 李偉成; NG, Tsui San Teresa 吳翠珊 ; TSE, Kar Him Harrison 謝加謙