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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Oct-2010QR Codes in educationLAW, Ching Yin; SO, Wing Wah Simon 蘇永華 
Mar-2005Qualifications of the teaching force in Hong Kong SAR: Policy behind dataLAI, Kwok Chan 黎國燦 
2007Qualifications of the teaching force in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, ChinaLAI, Kwok Chan 黎國燦 
Apr-2006Qualifications of the teaching force in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, ChinaLAI, Kwok Chan 黎國燦 
Dec-2010Qualified teacher or quality teacher? Appraising old answers with new ideasLI, Shuying Sean 李樹英
Nov-2003A qualitative analysis of school administrators' conceptions and tactics on educational leadership in Hong Kong: Issues and challengesLI, Kam Cheong; KWOK, Lai Yin 郭禮賢
Sep-2003Qualitative differences in teachers' approaches to task-based teaching and learning in ESL classroomsCHAN, Sui Ping Shirley 陳瑞冰
Sep-2005Qualitative differences in teachers' enactment of task-based instructionCHAN, Sui Ping Shirley 陳瑞冰
Sep-2007Qualitative differences in teachers' enactment of task-based language teaching in the English as second language (ESL) primary classroomCHAN, Sui Ping Shirley 陳瑞冰
Apr-2011“Qualitative energy diplomacy” in Central Asia: A comparative analysis of the policies of the United States, Russia, and ChinaSHEN, Xu Hui Simon 沈旭暉
2017Qualitative evaluation of leadershipSHEK, Tan Lei Daniel; FOK, Hung Kit 霍鴻桀 ; LEUNG, Charles T.L.; LI, Pecky P. K.; LAW, Moon Y. M.
2013Qualitative Methods: OverviewBENSON, Philip
Jan-2009Qualitative research in language teaching and learning journals, 1997-2006BENSON, Philip; CHIK, Hsia Hui Alice 戚夏蕙; GAO, Xuesong 高雪松; HUANG, Jing; WANG, Wenfeng
Jan-2002Qualitative school based curriculum evaluation: Issues and implications for Hong Kong schoolsLAU, Wai Keen 劉煒堅
2002A qualitative study of school children's field trip experiences to a nature education centre in Hong KongLAI, Kwok Chan 黎國燦 
Sep-1997A qualitative study of school-related factors leading to school failure and dropping outLAM, Tak Shing John 林德成 ; LI, Wai Shing 李偉成; YU, Wai Ming 余慧明 ; FOK, Ping Kwan 霍秉坤 
May-2010A qualitative study of self-esteem, peer affiliation, and academic outcome among low achieving students in Hong KongLEUNG, Chi Hung 梁智熊 ; CHOI, Eudora
Apr-2011A qualitative study of the perceptions of coronary heart disease among Hong Kong Chinese peopleCHAN, Choi Wan; LOPEZ, Violeta; CHUNG, Wai Yee Joanne 鍾慧儀 
2016Quality and change in teacher education: Western and Chinese perspectivesLEE, Chi Kin John 李子建 ; DAY, Christopher W.
2015Quality and equity in educationMENEFEE, Trey; BRAY, Mark