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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Feb-2013Race for the money: International Financial Centres in AsiaJARVIS, Darryl Stuart 
Mar-2014Race-ethnicity and cerebral small vessel disease: Comparison between Chinese and white populationsMOK, Chung Tong Vincent; SRIKANTH, Velandai; XIONG, Yun-yun; PHAN, Thanh G.; MORAN, Chris; CHU, Shuguang; ZHAO, Qianhua; CHU, Chiu Wing Winnie; WONG, Adrian 黃沛霖; HONG, Zhen; LIU, Xinfeng; WONG, Ka Sing Lawrence 黃家星; DING, Ding
Apr-2011'Racing' and 'classing' gender and sexuality research in early childhoodBLAISE, Mindy
1999Radio playsADAMSON, Robert Damian; TONG, Siu Yin Annie 湯小燕
Dec-2008Raising kids in an insecure world: The hidden curriculum in a parenting magazineCHAN, Kit Wa Anita 陳潔華 ; NG, K. M. Carmen; WONG, Wai Ling
2002Raising students' awareness of the features of real-world listening inputLAM, Yuen Kwan Wendy 林婉君
Mar-2014The random-effect DINA modelHUANG, Hung-Yu; WANG, Wen Chung 王文中 
Dec-2011The random-effect generalized rating scale modelWANG, Wen Chung 王文中 ; WU, Shiu Lien
Jul-2012The random-effect strategy in the IRT frameworkWANG, Wen Chung 王文中 
Jul-2009The random-threshold generalized graded unfolding modelWU, Shiu Lien; WANG, Wen Chung 王文中 
Jan-2013The random-threshold generalized unfolding model and its application of computerized adaptive testingWANG, Wen Chung 王文中 ; LIU, Chen Wei; WU, Shiu-Lien
2013A randomized controlled neurophysiological study of a Chinese chan-based mind-body intervention in patients with major depressive disorderCHAN, Agnes S.; HAN, Yvonne Ming Yee 韓明怡; SZE, Sophia L.; WONG, Queenie Y.; CHEUNG, Mei-chun
Apr-2006A randomized study of language of reading instruction for English language learners: First-year findingsSLAVIN, Robert E.; CALDERON, Margarita E.; DURAN, Daniel; CHEUNG, Chi Keung Alan 張志強
Jun-2014The ranking phenomenon and the experience of academics in TaiwanLO, Yat Wai 盧一威 
Mar-2012Rasch analysis and item reduction of the Chinese version of the 20-item Toronto alexithymia scale (TAS-20-C) for adolescentsTAM, K. H. Barry; WONG, Wing Sze 黃穎詩 
2012Rasch analysis of Chinese cerebral palsy quality of life for children : (C-CP QOL-Child)SAM, Ka Lam Sam 岑嘉林 
Jan-2011Rasch analysis of positive changes following adversity in cancer patients attending community support groupsCHIEN, Tsair Wei; WANG, Wen Chung 王文中 ; CHIEN, Chih Chiang; HWANG, Wei Shou
Aug-2014Rasch analysis of the Clam/Angry Measure of social conflict situations for preschool childrenBAILEY-LAU, Po Lin Becky 劉寶蓮 
Jul-2009Rasch analysis of the help seeking scaleZENG, Yi; MOK, Magdalena Mo Ching 莫慕貞 
Aug-2012A Rasch analysis on the development and validation of mathematics test for use by primary five student in Hong KongYAO, Jingjing; MOK, Magdalena Mo Ching 莫慕貞