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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Tackling phonemic problems of Hong Kong secondary ESL students through minimal pairs: A quasi-experimental studyLAM, Ting Lan
Jun-2009Tackling students' learning difference: A learning study mathematics caseKONG, Hau Yin Celia 江巧妍
Sep-2007Tackling the fundamentals: Poverty and inequalities in educationLEE, Wing On 李榮安
2010Tactical globalization: Learning from the Singapore experimentKOH, Aaron Soon Lee 許順利
Jun-2012Tactics of interventions: Student mobility and human capital building in SingaporeKOH, Aaron Soon Lee 許順利
2001TadpolesLAU, Grace 劉慧中 
Aug-2002Taiwanese children's and adolescent's judgments of developmental patterns in aesthetic growthLIU, Wan Chen 劉婉珍; KINDLER, Anna M.; PARISER, David; VAN DEN BERG, Axel
Jun-2016Taking an holistic approach towards blended learning in higher education institutionsLIM, Cher Ping 林质彬 
Dec-2008A tale of two cities: A comparative study of English languang learning study in Gothenburg and Hong KongZHANG, Yuefeng Ellen 章月鳳 ; FUNNEMARK, Eva-Lotta; HANSSON, Henrik Hans
Jun-2004A tale of two curriculaMA, Anne 馬安妮 
2007A tale of two curriculaMA, Anne 馬安妮 
Jul-2009A tale of two songs: Singapore versus Hong KongKIRKPATRICK, Thomas Andrew; MOODY, Andrew
Mar-2002A tale of two teachers: Teachers' responses to an imposed curriculum reformFUNG-LO, Mun Ling 馮盧敏玲
Jun-2016Talent development environment and achievement goal adoption among Korean and Singaporean athletes: Does perceived competence matter?WANG, Chee Keng John; PYUN, Do Young; LI, Chunxiao 李春晓 ; LEE, Mi Sook
2014Talent development environmental factors in sport: A review and taxonomic classificationLI, Chunxiao 李春晓 ; WANG, Chee Keng John; PYUN, Do Young
2004Tales of Two Cities: Works by Victor Lai 1986-2004LAI, Ming Hoi Victor 黎明海
Apr-2012The Taliban did not create the Taliban, imperialism didGAGNON, Jean-Paul
Jun-2001Talking the walk: A narrative of the implementation of the field experience of the three-year mixed mode Bachelor of Education (Primary) ProgrammeYEUNG, Shin Kam Arthur 楊善錦
Feb-2009A tandem queuing system with applications to pricing strategyCHING, Wai Ki; CHOI, Sin Man; LI, Tang; LEUNG, Kui Chiu Issic 梁鉅超 
Dec-1996Tap: A gender equity program in high technologyVOLK, Kenneth Scott; HOLSEY, Lilla