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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Yanbian University: Building a niche through a multicultural identityLIN, Jing; LI, Jun 李軍; PIAO, Taizhu
May-2014Yellow to violet upconversion processes of Nd³⁺ in neat Cs₂NaNdCl₆ elpasoliteZHOU, Xianju; ZHAO, Xiaoqi; MAK, Chris S.K.; LI, Lia; LIA, Qingxu; TANNER, Peter Anthony
2015‘You are responsible for the whole show, every one of us’: Shame, pride and progress in theatrical productions in two Hong Kong secondary schoolsDECOURSEY, Matthew William 
2005You can dress up orangatang, but can you take it out? Smaller class sizes and the reform of English language teaching in Hong KongBODYCOTT, Peter Thomas
Jul-2008You had to work hard 'Cause you didn't know whether you were going to wear shoes or straw sandals!GAO, Xuesong 高雪松
Jul-2013The young activities and the anti-patriotic education movement in postcolonial Hong Kong: Some insights from TwitterCHAN, Chi Tat Larry 陳智達
Jun-2005A young child's visual art portfolioCHEUNG, Lai Ha Lily 張麗霞 
Jun-2005Young children's concept of distributive justice: "You share with me, and I will share with you"WONG, Mun Amanda 黃敏 
Oct-2008Young children's conceptions of arts: A comparative study of Hong Kong and BrisbaneWONG, Kit Mei Betty 黃潔薇 ; MCARDLE, Felicity
Feb-2009Young children's concepts of god and spirituality: How parents and teachers perceive their roles played in the formation process in two Hong Kong Chinese kindergartensLAU, Grace 劉慧中 ; CHAN, Rina 陳麗娜 
Oct-2004Young children's number sense in Finland, Hong Kong and SingaporeAUNIO, Pirjo; EE, Jessie; LIM, Swee Eng Audrey 林瑞瑛; HAUTAMAKI, Jarkko; VANLUIT, Johhannes E. H.
2010Young children's path to conceptual change in the context of questioning-exploration-experience learningTO-CHAN, Sing Pui Tikky 杜陳聲珮 ; CHENG, Mei Lin 鄭美蓮
Aug-1999The young children's physical and health issues in Hong KongWONG, Shu Sing Paul 黃樹誠
May-2017Young children's understanding of teaching and learning and their theory of mind development: A causal analysis from a cross-cultural perspectiveWANG, Zhenlin 王貞琳 ; WANG, X. Christine; CHUI, Wai Yip
Jun-2003Young children: Learning with technologiesHAN, Chung Wai Christina 韓重惠 
Jun-2016Young children’s meaning-making and negotiation of spaces in Hong Kong kindergartensYUEN, Wai Kwan Gail 袁慧筠 
Mar-2008Young Chinese children's knowledge about environmental print and the functions of printWU, Rosalind Jane 吳敏而
Mar-2010Young citizens in Hong Kong: Obedient, active and patriotic?KENNEDY, Kerry John 甘國臻 
2018Young people and active citizenship in post-Soviet times: A challenge for citizenship educationKRZYWOSZ-RYNKIEWICZ, Beata; ZALEWSKA, Anna Maria; KENNEDY, Kerry John 甘國臻 
Jul-2015Young people citizenship profiles from international perspective: Part IKENNEDY, Kerry John 甘國臻 ; KÕIV, Kristi; KRZYWOSZ-RYNKIEWICZ, Beata; VIDNERE, Mara; ZALEWSKA, Anna Maria