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CHOI, Wai Ching Jessie蔡惠貞wcchoi@eduhk.hk
CHU, Wing Ki Blanche朱穎琪cwkchu@eduhk.hk
KAN, Hon Kin簡漢乾hkkan@eduhk.hk
KEUNG, Shuet姜雪skeung@eduhk.hk
KWONG, Oi Ping鄺嬡萍opkwong@eduhk.hk

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12017《10分鐘寫好商業中文電郵:客戶服務篇》黃毓棟; TSE, Chun Yip 謝雋曄 ; 陳暘; 趙剛
220142014-15S1: CLE1175 foundation PutonghuaLEE-WONG, Ping 李黃萍 ; KEUNG, Shuet 姜雪 ; LAU, Tak Sin 劉德仙 ; ZHANG, Yi 張翼
3Dec-2010Aligning teaching and learning activities with expected learning outcomesLEUNG, Pui Wan Pamela 梁佩雲 
4Apr-2008Applying assessment for learning in Hong Kong language classroomsLEUNG, Pui Wan Pamela 梁佩雲 ; CHOW, Lai Ying 周麗英
5Dec-2010Assessment for learning in Hong Kong schools: Implementation and evaluationSCOTT, David; BERRY, Rita Shuk Yin 張淑賢; HARGREAVES, Eleanore; LAI, Yiu Chi 黎耀志 ; LEUNG, Pui Wan Pamela 梁佩雲 ; STOBART, Gordon
62011Assessment for learning in language classroomsCHOW, Wai Kwan Alice 周慧君 ; LEUNG, Pui Wan Pamela 梁佩雲 
7Dec-2010Autonomy through teacher learning communities? The AFL goal of autonomy exploredHARGREAVES, Eleanore; LEUNG, Pui Wan Pamela 梁佩雲 ; BERRY, Rita Shuk Yin 張淑賢; SCOTT, David; LAI, Yiu Chi 黎耀志 ; STOBART, Gordon
8Dec-2010A case study of teacher learning in an assessment for learning project in Hong KongTANG, Yee Fan Sylvia 鄧怡勳 ; LEUNG, Pui Wan Pamela 梁佩雲 ; CHOW, Wai Kwan Alice 周慧君 ; WONG, Ping Man 黃炳文
9May-2017Chinese language education in recent Hong Kong: A brief study on wrongly written Chinese characters of local university studentsTSE, Chun Yip 謝雋曄 
10Dec-2007Chinese language teachers' attitudes towards using Putonghua as the medium of instruction (PMI) in Hong KongLEUNG, Pui Wan Pamela 梁佩雲 
11Dec-2010Chinese teachers' views on the increasing use of Putonghua as a medium of instruction in Hong Kong schoolsGAO, Xuesong 高雪松; LEUNG, Pui Wan Pamela 梁佩雲 ; TRENT, John Gilbert 
121999Comparative relations in ChineseLEUNG, Pui Wan Pamela 梁佩雲 
13Feb-2006Cultivating critical thinking skills in process writing: An example from a Hong Kong EAP classroomCHU, Wing Ki Blanche 朱穎琪 
14Jul-2006Cultural impact on language education in a tri-lingual city - Hong Kong teachers' perceptionsLEUNG, Wai Ha 梁慧霞 
15Jul-2005The culture components in the Chinese mother-tongue language curricula: Implications for teacher educationLAI-AU YEUNG, Yu Wing Winnie 黎歐陽汝穎; LEUNG, Wai Ha 梁慧霞 
16Sep-2010A debriefing session: Common Recruitment Examination (CRE) - Use of ChineseKAN, Hon Kin 簡漢乾 
17May-2013Demonstration of the achievement of TDGLEE-WONG, Ping 李黃萍 
18Oct-2016Developing a corpus-based online pronunciation learning system for Cantonese learners of mandarinCHEN, Hsueh Chu 陳雪珠 ; WANG, Lixun 王立勛 ; KEUNG, Shuet 姜雪 ; HAN, Qianwen 韓倩雯
19Jun-2017Development of mother tongue language course at tertiary level in Hong KongLEUNG, Wai Ha 梁慧霞 
20Aug-1999The differences between information packaging in English and Chinese: A comparison between science texts written for junior secondary studentsLEUNG, Pui Wan Pamela 梁佩雲