Department of Asian and Policy Studies

Department of Asian and Policy Studies

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CHAN, Lih Shing章舜源
CHAN, Yee On Christine陳怡安
CHEUNG, Bing Leung Anthony張炳良
CHEUNG, Chi Kin張志健
CHOU, Kee Lee周基利

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Jul-2010Administrative reforms in China and Hong Kong: 'One Country, Two Experiences' in search of modernization and of political reformsCHEUNG, Bing Leung Anthony 張炳良 
2Jul-2013Aging and social security in AsiaCHOU, Kee Lee 周基利 
3Apr-2015The antipoverty effect of public rental housing in Hong KongHU, Zhiyong 胡智勇 ; CHOU, Kee Lee 周基利 
42012AO體制與港人治港:優勢與挑戰CHEUNG, Bing Leung Anthony 張炳良 
52012Appropriating Confucianism: Soft power, primordial sentiment, and authoritarianismCHEUNG, Chi Kin 張志健 
62017Asia after the developmental state: Disembedding autonomyCARROLL, Toby; JARVIS, Darryl Stuart 
72012Asian Childhoods: Exploring the lifeworlds of students in contemporary Hong KongYELLAND, Nicola Jill; MUSPRATT, Sandy; CHAN, Yee On Christine 陳怡安 ; GILBERT, Caja
8Jul-2015Asian studies and global politics: How could we rely on the knowledge of area studies in explicating the world in transition?CHEUNG, Chi Kin 張志健 ; TANABE, Akio
9Nov-2016Attitudes toward new immigrants from Mainland China in Hong KongLEE, Siu Yau 李肇祐 ; CHOU, Kee Lee 周基利 
10Jun-2013Atypical depressive symptoms and obesity in a national sample of older adults with major depressive disorderCHOU, Kee Lee 周基利 ; YU, Kar Ming 余嘉明 
11Jul-2012Away from socialism, towards Chinese characteristics: Confucianism and the futures of Chinese nationalismCHEUNG, Chi Kin 張志健 
12May-2017Beneath the appearance of gentrification: Probing local complexitiesLUI, Tai Lok 呂大樂 
13Oct-2017Beyond the nationalist narrative: Contextualising the history of the overseas Chinese press in JapanCHAN, Lih Shing 章舜源 
14Oct-2016The bonus scheme, motivation crowding-out and quality of the doctor-patient encounters in Chinese public hospitalsQIAN, Jiwei; HE, Jingwei Alex 和經緯 
15May-2012Bridging Asian and European ways of learning in the new globalisationCHEUNG, Bing Leung Anthony 張炳良 
162015Bridging the cultural gap across the Taiwan Strait: Lung Ying-tai and the case of the magazine freezing pointCHEUNG, Chi Kin 張志健 
17Aug-2017Bridging the gap: Contractor and bureaucrat conceptions of contract management in outsourcingVYAS, Lina ; HAYLLAR, Mark; WU, Yan
182011Budgeting and financeCHEUNG, Bing Leung Anthony 張炳良 
19Apr-2017California's renewable generation and pumped hydro storage's profitabilityLIU, Yun; WOO, Chi Keung 胡志強 
20Dec-2015Can Hong Kong price-manage its cross-harbor-tunnel congestion?WOO, Chi Keung 胡志強 ; CHENG, Yuk Shing; LI, Raymond; SHIU, Alice; HO, Tony S. T.; HOROWITZ, Ira