Department of Early Childhood Education

Department of Early Childhood Education

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BAILEY-LAU, Po Lin Becky劉寶蓮
CHAN, Po Lin陳寶蓮
CHAN, Rina陳麗娜
CHAN, Wai Ling陳惠玲
CHAN, Yim Mei Esther陳艷媚

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Jul-2015A longitudinal study of children’s stress and coping during transition to schoolWONG, Mun Amanda 黃敏 
2Jun-2001Adapting the project approach to the Hong Kong contextCHAN, Kim Sang Lorna 陳鉗笙; LAM, Mei Seung Michelle 林美嫦 
3Nov-1999Adjusting to primary school life: Parents' perspectivesCHAN, Po Lin 陳寶蓮 
4Nov-2006Administrators' perceptions of early childhood teacher training in Hong Kong: An exploratory studyLAI, Yuk Ching Eva 黎玉貞 ; CHEUK-WONG, Kwok Sai Tricia 黃國茜 
5Jul-2002An alternative approach to study the conceptions of learning and teaching in young childrenWONG, Kit Mei Betty 黃潔薇 
6Jul-2004An alternative way to construct a toddler’s knowledge through art activitiesNGAN, So Fong 顏素芳 
7Apr-2013American and Chinese children’s evaluations of personal domain events and resistance to parental authoritySMETANA, Judith G.; BALL, Courtney; WONG, Mun Amanda 黃敏 ; YAU, Jenny
8Mar-2014American and Chinese children’s evaluations of personal domain events and resistance to parental authoritySMETANA, Judith G.; WONG, Mun Amanda 黃敏 ; BALL, Courtney; YAU, Jenny
9Jun-2015An exploratory study on primary 3 student writing of Chinese characters at their teachers’ dictationLAM, Ho Cheong 林浩昌 
102017The anatomy of the role of morphological awareness in Chinese character learning: The mediation of vocabulary and semantic radical knowledge and the moderation of morpheme family sizeLIU, Duo 劉鐸 ; LI, Hong; WONG, Kwok Shing Richard 黃國成 
11Aug-2014Animation and young children’s learningNGAN, So Fong 顏素芳 
12Jun-2005Animation film as intercultural learning experience among information-overloaded young children in Hong KongCHING, Pui Sun Christina 程佩新 
13Apr-1998Anxiety of student-teachers in physical education teaching practices: An expose studyWONG-TSUI, King Yuk Anita 王徐琼玉 
14Oct-2010The application of early childhood educational reform in the Deweyan perspective: Myth or reality in the case of Hong Kong (SAR)?LAU, Grace 劉慧中 
15Jun-2016Application of sociology of education on early childhood curriculum and pedagogic practices in Hong Kong: Insight from David RiesmanLAU, Grace 劉慧中 ; HO, Kwok Keung
16Jun-2002Appraisal systems in child care centres: Improving motivation and relationshipsCHAN, Wai Ling 陳惠玲 
17Mar-2015Approaches to learning and early cognitive, language and socio-emotional development in East Asian and pacific island countriesWANG, Rhoda; SUN, Jin 孫瑾 ; RAO, Nirmala
18Oct-2010Appropriating drama pedagogy: Learning from the local practices in Hong KongTAM, Po Chi Pansy 譚寶芝 
19Aug-2000Are the dramatic play areas in Hong Kong preschools literacy-rich? Do play activities in Hong Kong preschools involve literacy aspects?LIM, Swee Eng Audrey 林瑞瑛; CHING, Pui Sun Christina 程佩新 ; LAW, Yuen Wah 羅婉華; LAM, Wai Man Stella 林蕭惠雯
20Jul-2012Are there detrimental effects of second language learning on young children’s first language and cognitive development?WONG, Kwok Shing Richard 黃國成