Department of English Language Education

Department of English Language Education

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CHAN, Hing Yee Letty陳馨怡
CHOW, Wai Kwan Alice周慧君
KONG, Wai Yu Stella江惠如
LAI, Mee Ling黎美玲
MAK, Wing Wah Pauline麥詠華

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Jun-2017Ability to argue: Rooted in natureSTAPLETON, Paul 
2Nov-2017Academic adaptation amid internationalisation: The challenges for local, Mainland Chinese, and International students at Hong Kong’s universitiesYU, Baohua 喻寶華 
32017Academic adaptation amid internationalisation: The challenges for local, mainland Chinese, and international students at Hong Kong’s universitiesYU, Baohua 喻寶華 ; WRIGHT, Ewan
4Apr-2016Academic efficacy, academic adaptation and psychological adaptation between local, mainland and international students in Hong Kong universitiesYU, Baohua 喻寶華 
5Jan-2008"Affective attitude" in the shapingMA, Anne 馬安妮 
6Feb-2001Aims and objectives of the primary English curriculum: A comparison between Hong Kong and ShanghaiMA, Anne 馬安妮 ; WONG, Shiu Yu Winnie 黃兆瑜; PANG, Yin Mei May 彭燕薇
7Mar-2016Alignment of motivational strategies: the perceptions of teachers and studentsWONG, Ming Har Ruth 黃明霞 
8Nov-2017Alignment of motivational strategies: The perceptions of teachers and studentsWONG, Ming Har Ruth 黃明霞 ; WONG, Renee
9May-2013Ambiguities and tensions in English language teaching: Portraits of EFL teachers as legitimate speakersTRENT, John Gilbert 
102017Appropriating national curriculum standards in classroom teaching: Experiences of novice language teachers in ChinaYUAN, Rui Eric 袁睿 
11Jun-2013Asian international students at an Australian University: Mapping the paths between integrative motivation, competence in L2 communication, cross-cultural adaptation and persistence with structural equation modelingYU, Baohua 喻寶華 
12Mar-2015Assessing the quality of arguments in students' persuasive writing: A case study analyzing the relationship between surface structure and substanceSTAPLETON, Paul ; WU, Yanming Amy
13May-2013Assessing the quality of arguments in students’ persuasive writing: Appreciating reasoning qualitySTAPLETON, Paul 
142011Assessment for learning in language classroomsCHOW, Wai Kwan Alice 周慧君 ; LEUNG, Pui Wan Pamela 梁佩雲 
15Jun-2011Assessment reforms in an era of changeCHOW, Wai Kwan Alice 周慧君 ; LAI, Mee Ling 黎美玲 
16Aug-2009'At least I'm the type of teacher I want to be': Second-career English language teachers' identity formation in Hong Kong secondary schoolsTRENT, John Gilbert ; GAO, Xuesong 高雪松
17Dec-2004Attention to language knowledge and attention to language use within the English language curriculumLAM, Yuen Kwan Wendy 林婉君; LITTLEWOOD, William Thomas 李德桓; PANG, Yin Mei May 彭燕薇; LUK, Ching Man 陸靜雯; MA, Anne 馬安妮 ; YU-LI, Wai Sze Vivienne 余李懷詩
18Jan-2013Becoming a teacher educator: The multiple boundary-crossing experiences of beginning teacher educatorsTRENT, John Gilbert 
19Aug-2012Becoming a teacher: The identity construction experiences of beginning English language teachers in Hong KongTRENT, John Gilbert 
202017“Being a professor and doing EMI properly isn’t easy”. An identity-theoretic investigation of content teachers’ attitudes towards EMI at a university in Hong KongTRENT, John Gilbert