Department of International Education and Lifelong Learning

Department of International Education and Lifelong Learning

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ADAMSON, Robert Damian鮑勃
GAO, Fang高放
LAM, Chi Ming林志明
LI, Chin Wa李展華
LO, Yat Wai盧一威

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Jun-2014The 2013/14 global monitoring report: Putting teaching and learning at the centre of the post-2015 education and development agendaMASON, Mark 
2Dec-20162016年度教學反思:同學對學習動機的看法WU, Siu Wai 胡少偉 
3Jul-200321世紀香港高等教育發展戰略WU, Siu Wai 胡少偉 ; YUNG, Man Sing Andrew 容萬城
4Jun-2015A Chinese perspective on holistic educationWONG, Ping Ho 王秉豪 
5Apr-2013A framework for the study of policy design and implementation of models of trilingual educationADAMSON, Robert Damian 鮑勃 ; FENG, Anwei; YI, Yayuan
6Nov-2008Action learning of the middle-managers in Hong Kong primary schoolsWU, Siu Wai 胡少偉 ; YU, Huen 余煊
7Jul-2004Action research by teachersWONG, Ping Man 黃炳文; LEE, Paul; WU, Siu Wai 胡少偉 ; TANG, Peter; LUI, Stephen; CHENG, Queenie; LAU, Man Fai Michael; LAM, Siu Min; HUE, Ka Keung; CHAN, Ki Hung Iris
82012Active ageing, active learning: Elder learning in Hong KongTAM, Siu Ling Maureen 譚小玲 
92012Active ageing, active learning: Issues and challengesBOULTON-LEWIS, Gillian M.; TAM, Siu Ling Maureen 譚小玲 
10Nov-2011Active ageing, active learning: Policy and provision in Hong KongTAM, Siu Ling Maureen 譚小玲 
11May-2005Affective education: The value development of Hong Kong student-teachersWONG, Ping Ho 王秉豪 ; LAW, Sin Yee Angelina 羅羡儀; YIP, Sin Ching 葉倩菁
12Mar-2017After globalization: The return of politics to higher education policy in Singapore and Hong KongLO, Yat Wai 盧一威 
13Aug-2016Ageing and learning as conceptualized by senior adults in two cultures: Hong Kong and AustraliaTAM, Siu Ling Maureen 譚小玲 ; AIRD, Rosemary L.; BOULTON-LEWIS, Gillian M.; BUYS, Laurie R.
14Aug-2015Ageing and learning: What do they mean to elders themselves?TAM, Siu Ling Maureen 譚小玲 ; CHUI, Ernest
15Feb-2017Ageing, loss, and learning: Hong Kong and Australian seniorsBOULTON-LEWIS, Gillian M.; PIKE, Lucinda Charlotte; TAM, Siu Ling Maureen 譚小玲 ; BUYS, Laurie R.
16Jul-2011Agency, thought, and language: Analytic philosophy goes to schoolSPLITTER, Laurance Joseph 施樂哲 
17Mar-2015Alternative school in Taiwan study tour: Report sessionLI, Chin Wa 李展華 
18Dec-2005The ambiguity of the term 'Spiritual' in Hong Kong educational discourse: Rhetoric and substanceWONG, Ping Ho 王秉豪 
192017An analysis of the use of autobiographical narrative for teachers’ intercultural learningCLOONAN, Anne; FOX, Brandi; OHI, Sarah; HALSE, Christine Margaret 
20Feb-2015Analyzing the internationalization of education in Hong KongWU, Siu Wai 胡少偉