Department of Social Sciences

Department of Social Sciences

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CHAN, Kit Wa Anita陳潔華
CHENG, Wai Lun Eddie鄭偉倫
CHEUNG, Ka Lok Adam張家樂
CHEUNG, Ting On Lewis張定安
CHIU, Wing Kai Stephen趙永佳

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Jun-2015A qualitative examination of teacher-student power-sharing in Chinese Classrooms: A study in Hong KongWONG, Mei Yee 黃美儀 
2Dec-1999The activity approach: A case study of change with problems of no solutionPO, Sum Cho 布森祖 
3Sep-2016Adapting to dangerous climate change: Implications for studies of politics, policy, and beyondHARRIS, Paul ; BARKDULL, John
42017Adventure educationMITTEN, Denise; CHEUNG, Ting On Lewis 張定安 ; YAN, Wanglin; WITHROW-CLARK, Robert
5Jul-2012“Aligning Asian Muslims, targeting Arab trade: China's Ningxia as the Islamic hub for China-Arab connections”HO, Wai Yip 何偉業 
6Aug-2015An intention-based model of transfer of trainingCHENG, Wai Lun Eddie 鄭偉倫 ; SANDERS, Karin; HAMPSON, Ian
7Dec-2014An analysis framework using excess commuting measures to evaluate sustainable commuting in Hong KongCHOW, Sin Yin Alice 鄒倩賢 
8Jul-2001An analysis of students' competence regarding the curriculum reform of business education in Hong Kong secondary schoolsYU, Wai Mui Christina 姚偉梅 
92016Analysis of the establishment and closure of the Ta Teh institute in British Hong Kong during the Chinese civil warHUNG, Chung Fun Steven 洪松勳 
10Mar-2013Analysis of transit-oriented development in the perspective of sustainable community in Hong KongCHOW, Sin Yin Alice 鄒倩賢 
11Mar-2015Applying a world-city network approach to globalizing higher education: Conceptualization, data collection and the lists of world citiesCHOW, Sin Yin Alice 鄒倩賢 ; LOO, Becky P. Y.
122009Approcci quantitativi e qualitativi all'educazione comparataFAIRBROTHER, Gregory Paul 方睿明 
132010Approches quantitatives et qualitatives à l’éducation comparéeFAIRBROTHER, Gregory Paul 方睿明 
14Apr-2004Argument in the citizenship education policy process in Hong KongFAIRBROTHER, Gregory Paul 方睿明 
152004Asian perspectives on citizenship education in review: Postcolonial constructions or precolonial values?KENNEDY, Kerry John 甘國臻 ; FAIRBROTHER, Gregory Paul 方睿明 
16Dec-2011Aviation and city's climate change policies: An analysis of emissions and emission inventory of Hong KongCHOW, Sin Yin Alice 鄒倩賢 
17Apr-2013Being a critical citizen: Australia and China in comparative perspectiveZHAO, Zhenzhou 趙振洲 
182015Being good but critical citizens: A comparison of citizenship curriculum in China and AustraliaZHAO, Zhenzhou 趙振洲 
19Mar-2006Between Britain and China: Hong Kong’s citizenship education policy paradigmFAIRBROTHER, Gregory Paul 方睿明 
20Dec-2011Between religion and professionalism: The pervasiveness of religion in the everyday work of Hong Kong’s social work practitionersHO, Wai Yip 何偉業 ; JOE-LAIDLER, Karen; GROVES, Julian M.