School Partnership and Field Experience Office

School Partnership and Field Experience Office

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LIU, Hoi Yee Rowena廖凱怡
SHEK, Mei Po Mabel石美寶

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Jul-2001An analysis of students' competence regarding the curriculum reform of business education in Hong Kong secondary schoolsYU, Wai Mui Christina 姚偉梅 
2Aug-2015Branding of higher education institutions in Hong Kong: The role of core valuesJIA, Nan; YU, Wai Mui Christina 姚偉梅 ; LO, Sing Kai 盧成皆 
32008Business education in Hong Kong secondary schools: Past and futureYU, Wai Mui Christina 姚偉梅 
4Dec-2011Capacity building for advancing creativity and entrepreneurship: Teen entrepreneurship competition in Hong KongYU, Wai Mui Christina 姚偉梅 
52000Creating a competency-based model for secondary vocational teachers to meet the latest changes and demands in Hong KongYU, Wai Mui Christina 姚偉梅 
6Dec-2009A critical examination of the development and discourses of studies on gender & education in Hong Kong, 1983-2009CHAN, Kit Wa Anita 陳潔華 ; LAM, O. Y. Beatrice; LAI-YEUNG, Wai Ling Theresa 黎楊惠玲 ; YU, Wai Mui Christina 姚偉梅 
7Jul-2007Do student really become more entrepreneurial? A study on the role of social interaction in an authentic enterprise activityMAN, Wing Yan Thomas 萬頴恩; YU, Wai Mui Christina 姚偉梅 
8Jul-2004Effective teaching approaches to developing competent business teachers: Teacher trainees' viewYU, Wai Mui Christina 姚偉梅 
9Nov-2012Engaging students into online reflective dialogueYU, Wai Mui Christina 姚偉梅 
10May-2008Gender in education: Pedagogical practices and research directionsCHAN, Kit Wa Anita 陳潔華 ; LAI-YEUNG, Wai Ling Theresa 黎楊惠玲 ; YU, Wai Mui Christina 姚偉梅 
112013Hong Kong school guidance and counselling service: Development and approachSHEK, Mei Po Mabel 石美寶 
12Jun-2004How do business teacher trainees conceive professional competence and teachYU, Wai Mui Christina 姚偉梅 
13Jan-2003How do business teachers view students' competence in the knowledge society of Hong Kong?YU, Wai Mui Christina 姚偉梅 
14Jul-2007How does business education reform bring along innovations in Hong Kong schools?YU, Wai Mui Christina 姚偉梅 
15Nov-2006How does social interaction facilitate experiential learning in enterprise education: A case of the teen entrepreneurs competitionYU, Wai Mui Christina 姚偉梅 ; MAN, Wing Yan Thomas 萬頴恩
16Jun-2006How textbook pictures describe gender roles: Case studies of general studies and technology studiesYUEN, Yuet Mui Celeste 袁月梅 ; YUEN, Wai Wa Timothy 阮衛華 ; YU, Wai Mui Christina 姚偉梅 
171996The implementation of co-operative learning in principles of accounts at secondary 4 & 5 levelsYU, Wai Mui Christina 姚偉梅 
18Mar-2015Implementation of the new FE frameworkYU, Wai Mui Christina 姚偉梅 
19Jul-2005An investigation of pre-service teachers' conceptions and ways of teaching business subjects: The case of Hong KongYU, Wai Mui Christina 姚偉梅 
20Dec-2009Lesson study and change of teaching conceptions: Case studies in pre-service teacher educationYU, Wai Mui Christina 姚偉梅