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CHAN, Kai Ming陳啟明
CHAU-CHEUNG, Ching Mei Jamie周張貞美
CHOR, Tai Wai左大偉
LEUNG, Mee Kuen Loretta梁美娟
YU, Kar Ming余嘉明

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12013After massification: The quest for entrepreneurial universities and technological advancement in TaiwanMOK, Ka Ho Joshua 莫家豪; YU, Kar Ming 余嘉明 ; KU, Yeun-wen
2Jun-2013Atypical depressive symptoms and obesity in a national sample of older adults with major depressive disorderCHOU, Kee Lee 周基利 ; YU, Kar Ming 余嘉明 
3Jun-2013Benefits to DSE students of service-learning through a community development modelDO, Josephine Kitty 都佩儀; CHOR, Tai Wai 左大偉 
42015The construction of student leadership development model in HKIEd: Based on service leadership core beliefs advocated by HKI-SLAMLEUNG, Mee Kuen Loretta 梁美娟 
5Mar-2015Developing service leadership through service learning among university studentsCHAN, Kai Ming 陳啟明 
6Jun-2017The effect of self-determined motivation on household energy consumption behaviour in a metropolitan area in southern ChinaCHEUNG, Ting On Lewis 張定安 ; CHOW, Sin Yin Alice 鄒倩賢 ; FOK, Lincoln 霍年亨 ; YU, Kar Ming 余嘉明 ; CHOU, Kee Lee 周基利 
72018Financialization and economic inequality in Hong Kong: The cost of the finance-led growth regimeLEE, Kim Ming; TO, Benny Ho Pong; YU, Kar Ming 余嘉明 
82015Gender differences in financial literacy among Hong Kong workersYU, Kar Ming 余嘉明 ; WU, Muluan Alfred 吳木鑾; CHAN, Wai-Sum; CHOU, Kee Lee 周基利 
9Feb-2014International and Hong Kong practices on first year experienceCHAU-CHEUNG, Ching Mei Jamie 周張貞美 
102014Internationalization of higher education in East Asia: Trends of student mobility and impact on education governanceMOK, Ka Ho Joshua 莫家豪; YU, Kar Ming 余嘉明 
112014The internationalization of higher education in Malaysia and South Korea: Student mobility and learning experiencesMOK, Ka Ho Joshua 莫家豪; YU, Kar Ming 余嘉明 ; WU, Muluan Alfred 吳木鑾
122014Introduction: The quest for regional hub status and transnationalization of higher education: Challenges for managing human capital in East AsiaMOK, Ka Ho Joshua 莫家豪; YU, Kar Ming 余嘉明 
13Jul-2014Lifetime abstention of sexual intercourse and health in middle-aged and older adults: Results from wave 2 of the national epidemiologic survey on alcohol and related conditionsCHOU, Kee Lee 周基利 ; NG, Fung Sheung Isabella 伍鳳嫦 ; YU, Kar Ming 余嘉明 
14Apr-2014Maintaining global status, rapid urban change and social mobility: Hong Kong storyMOK, Ka Ho Joshua 莫家豪; YU, Kar Ming 余嘉明 
15Sep-2013Marketing of self-financing degree programmes in Hong Kong: A preliminary studyYU, Kar Ming 余嘉明 
162014The new paradox of thrift: Financialisation, retirement protection, and income polarisation in Hong KongLEE, Kim Ming; TO, Benny Ho-pong; YU, Kar Ming 余嘉明 
17May-2014Perceived retirement savings adequacy in Hong Kong: An interdisciplinary financial planning modelCHOU, Kee Lee 周基利 ; YU, Kar Ming 余嘉明 ; CHAN, Wai-Sum; WU, Muluan Alfred 吳木鑾; ZHU, Yuefeng Alex; LOU, Vivian W. Q.
182017Prospective service leaders enhancement projectLEUNG, Mee Kuen Loretta 梁美娟 ; CHAN, Kai Ming 陳啟明 ; CHAN, Yin Lee Maureen 陳燕琍
192015Quest for Asian world city status and promotion of global citizenship: Hong Kong’s responses to development and aid projects in the regionMOK, Ka Ho Joshua 莫家豪; YU, Kar Ming 余嘉明 
20Sep-2011The quest for regional education hub status and transnational higher education: Challenges for managing human capital in AsiaMOK, Ka Ho Joshua 莫家豪; YU, Kar Ming 余嘉明