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WONG, Wing Leung黃永樑

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1Sep-2015A multifunctional bimetallic molecular device for ultrasensitive detection, naked-eye recognition, and elimination of cyanide ionsCHOW, Cheuk Fai Stephen 周卓輝 ; HO, Pui-Yu; WONG, Wing Leung 黃永樑 ; GONG, Cheng-Bin
2Sep-2017A bimetallic Re(I)-NCS-Pt(II) solid-support chemosensor for the selective detection of dimethyl sulfide in spoiled meatCHOW, Cheuk Fai Stephen 周卓輝 ; LIU, Sha; CHAN, Ching Wan; LU, Yu-Jing; WONG, Wing Leung 黃永樑 ; TANG, Qian; GONG, Cheng-Bin
3Dec-2017Breakdown of plastic waste into economically valuable carbon resources: Rapid and effective chemical treatment of polyvinylchloride with the Fenton catalystCHOW, Cheuk Fai Stephen 周卓輝 ; WONG, Wing Leung 黃永樑 ; Chan, Chung Sum 陳松森; LI, Yaru; TANG, Qian; GONG, Cheng-Bin
4May-2017Catalyst displacement assay: A supramolecular approach for the design of smart latent catalysts for pollutant monitoring and removalCHOW, Cheuk Fai Stephen 周卓輝 ; HO, Pui-Yu; WONG, Wing Leung 黃永樑 ; LU, Yu-Jing; TANG, Qian 唐倩; GONG, Cheng-Bin
5Oct-2017The Interaction of a structural flexible small molecule with nucleic acid structures: Investigation of the origin of fluorescence signal discrimination in sensing and the utilization in live cell imagingSUN, Ning; WANG, Cong; XU, Miao-Han; LU, Yu-Jing; ZHENG, Yuan-Yuan; YAN, Yan; GUO, Xiao-Lu; HOU, Jinqiang; ZHANG, Kun; LUYT, Leonard G.; WONG, Wing Leung 黃永樑 ; CHOW, Cheuk Fai Stephen 周卓輝 
6May-2017Molecular interaction kinetics and mechanism study of phytohormones and plant protein with fluorescence and synchronous fluorescence techniquesZHENG, Yuan-Yuan; SUN, Ning; XU, Miao-Han; LU, Yu-Jing; QIU, Bin; CHENG, Ming-Jun; WONG, Wing Leung 黃永樑 ; CHOW, Cheuk Fai Stephen 周卓輝 
7Apr-2015A new bisphenol A derivative for estrogen receptor binding studies with surface plasmon resonanceWONG, Wing Leung 黃永樑 ; CHOW, Cheuk Fai Stephen 周卓輝 
8Aug-2017Selective visualization of DNA G-quadruplex structures in live cells with 1-methylquinolinium-based molecular probes: The importance of indolyl moiety position towards specificityLU, Yu-Jing; GUO, Xiao-Lu; XU, Miao-Han; CHEN, Wei-Wu; WONG, Wing Leung 黃永樑 ; ZHANG, Kun; CHOW, Cheuk Fai Stephen 周卓輝 
9Sep-2015Sensitive and selective detection of uracil-DNA glycosylase activity with a new pyridinium luminescent switch-on molecular probeLU, Yu-Jing; HU, Dong-Ping; DENG, Qiang; WANG, Zheng-Ya; HUANG, Bao-Hua; FANG, Yan-Xiong; ZHANG, Kun; WONG, Wing Leung 黃永樑