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CHENG, Yin Cheong
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Advisor (Academic Development)
Cheng, Y. C.

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Jun-200321世紀的教師教育新模式CHENG, Yin Cheong 鄭燕祥 ; 祁海芹
2Sep-20092nd order research: Theory, evidence and reformCHENG, Yin Cheong 鄭燕祥 
3Oct-20102nd order research: Theory, evidence and reformCHENG, Yin Cheong 鄭燕祥 
4Aug-1997The action learning leadership for pursuing education quality in the 21st centuryYUEN, Pong Yiu 阮邦耀; CHENG, Yin Cheong 鄭燕祥 
51998Analysing Hong Kong educational policy: Application of a comprehensive frameworkCHENG, Yin Cheong 鄭燕祥 ; CHEUNG, Wing Ming Francis 張永明
6Oct-2006Assessment reform and self-directed learning: Theory and practiceMOK, Magdalena Mo Ching 莫慕貞 ; CHENG, Yin Cheong 鄭燕祥 ; MOORE, Phillip John 莫雅立; KENNEDY, Kerry John 甘國臻 
7Nov-2000Beyond economicsCHENG, Yin Cheong 鄭燕祥 
82017Broad-based national education in globalisation: Conceptualisation, multiple functions and managementCHENG, Yin Cheong 鄭燕祥 ; YUEN, Wai Wa Timothy 阮衛華 
9Jan-2010Building capacity for school leadership research & development in the Asia-Pacific RegionCHENG, Yin Cheong 鄭燕祥 
10Jan-2003Building up a knowledge base for teacher education and development in a turbulent education environmentCHENG, Yin Cheong 鄭燕祥 ; TSUI, Kwok Tung 徐國棟 
112002Building up a knowledge base for teacher education and development: An introductionCHENG, Yin Cheong 鄭燕祥 ; TSUI, Kwok Tung 徐國棟 
12Jan-2000A case study of effective and ineffective teaching groups from multi-dimensional perspectiveTSUI, Kwok Tung 徐國棟 ; CHENG, Yin Cheong 鄭燕祥 
132003Challenges and research into educational reforms in the Asia-Pacific regionCHENG, Yin Cheong 鄭燕祥 
14Nov-2009Challenges for the continuing education sector and self-financing providers in Hong KongCHENG, Yin Cheong 鄭燕祥 
15Mar-2011Challenges to principals: Taking the advantages of e-learning for “self-regulated learning”CHENG, Yin Cheong 鄭燕祥 
16Apr-2014Change management with key to successCHENG, Yin Cheong 鄭燕祥 
172002The changing context of school leadership: Implications for paradigm shiftCHENG, Yin Cheong 鄭燕祥 
18Jan-2001The changing context of school leadership: Trends and implications for paradigm shift in leadershipCHENG, Yin Cheong 鄭燕祥 
192000The characteristics of Hong Kong school principals' leadership: The influence of societal cultureCHENG, Yin Cheong 鄭燕祥 
202000Charting the progress: Influences that have shaped education in the Asia-Pacific regionTOWNSEND, Tony; CHENG, Yin Cheong 鄭燕祥