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Title: Verbal imagery in the teaching and learning of singing in Greater China: Case studies towards a holistic approach
Authors: CHEN, Ti Wei 陳荻威 
Issue Date: Oct-2015
Citation: Chen, T. (2015, October). Verbal imagery in the teaching and learning of singing in Greater China: Case studies towards a holistic approach. Paper presented at The Asian Conference on Education (ACE 2015), Art Center of Kobe, Kobe, Japan.
Abstract: Pavarotti said in a broadcast from Lincoln Centre, __before I sing a tone I must have thought it__. According to voice teachers, who describe imagery as a condition for learning, __the musician lives in a world of imageries__. Voice teachers and vocal pedagogical literature often cite verbal imagery (e.g., __sing as if you are biting an apple__) as a teaching tool for communicating desirable physical sensations, vocal characteristics, musical interpretations, concepts of vocal production, and appropriate vocal quality. This study intended to develop an insight on verbal imagery as means of communication specifically for identifying the nature and effectiveness of verbal imagery in the teaching and learning of voice used in the Chinese language and culture. Data analysis were conducted focusing not only on how verbal imageries are used as a teaching tool, but also on how students perceive those verbal imageries in enhancing vocal quality and music performance. Experienced voice teachers were observed and interviewed with an exclusive focus on the role and efficacy of verbal imagery in vocal pedagogy, and his/her past experience of using verbal imagery in vocal training and music performance. Followed by the observation and interview of selected voice teachers, all participated student-subjects in the observation also were interviewed to unravel their perception towards the use of verbal imagery as well as their practical experience in adopting verbal imagery in enhancing vocal projection and music interpretation for vocal pedagogy and stage performance.
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