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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Globalization and technology in twenty-first-century educationLEONG, Samuel 梁信慕
2017Prosumer learners and digital arts pedagogyLEONG, Samuel 梁信慕
2017由STEM到STEAM:視覺藝術教育在STEM的角色WONG, So Lan 黃素蘭 
2014The spirit of Chinese creativity in twenty-first-century Cantonese cultureLEONG, Samuel 梁信慕
2017Kinetic chain assessment and learning computerized system for Cantonese opera: The development, validation and applicationMOK, Magdalena Mo Ching 莫慕貞 ; LEUNG, Bo Wah 梁寶華 ; KUO, Bor-Chen; LIU, Zhi-Yong; LAM, Sze Ming 林思明; NG, Chun Wai Thomson 吳振瑋; MA, Kevin Hang Hey 馬恒熙; CHOI, Tsz Wing 蔡梓穎
2017《生生不息薪火傳:粵劇生行基礎知識》阮兆輝; LEUNG, Bo Wah 梁寶華 
2008《距離•對話:訪問當代中國北京藝術家》DO, Josephine Kitty 都佩儀; 李雅芳; 姚泊敦
2012未來音樂老師在香港的學校體驗與實習YIP, Lai Chi Rita 葉麗慈; YUEN, Tze Leung Raymond 袁子良 
2012轉變中的香港音樂師資培訓:香港教育學院音樂課程介紹CHEUNG-YUNG, Wai Yee 張翁偉儀; LEUNG, Bo Wah 梁寶華 
2012從學到教:香港音樂教師本科教育及專業發展LEONG, Samuel 梁信慕
2017Mobile learning in music educationCHEN, Chi Wai 陳智偉 
2014兩周佩璜方式的轉變與玉龍佩之出現LAM, Hau Ling Eileen 林巧羚 
2016Blog-based and ‘clockolage’ learningLEUNG, Hok Bun Isaac 梁學彬 
2016Mobile learning: The effectiveness of using the application iReal pro to practice jazz improvisation for jazz studies minor students at HKIEdCHEN, Chi Wai 陳智偉 
2016Applying student response system: Socrative in music lessonLEUNG, Chi Hin 梁智軒 
2016Devleopment, implementation and evaluation of a digital lectureTAM, Cheung On 譚祥安 
2016Multiple approaches in E-learningWONG, So Lan 黃素蘭 ; TAM, Cheung On 譚祥安 ; LEUNG, Chi Hin 梁智軒 ; CHEN, Chi Wai 陳智偉 ; LEUNG, Hok Bun Isaac 梁學彬 ; SUEN, Yan Yee 孫欣儀
2017School music education in Hong Kong after returning to China: Policy, curriculum, and teaching practiceLEUNG, Bo Wah 梁寶華 
2006The impact of policies on the musical development and education of the future generationYIP, Lai Chi Rita 葉麗慈; LEUNG, Chi Cheung Lawrence 梁志鏘 
2007View from Hong Kong: Revitalizing the music curriculumLEUNG, Chi Cheung Lawrence 梁志鏘 
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 363