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1Nov-1998九年制義務教育 (沿海版) 教材分析評估報告《美術科》美術教材分析方法的三種取向:結構主義、語意學及美學概念WONG, Lai Fong 黃麗芳
2May-2008Understanding the ways of promoting children's musical creativity: A study of preschool teachers' viewsLAU, Wing Chi Margaret 劉永慈 
3Jan-2003An electronic platform for teacher knowledge (re)constructionMOK-CHEUNG, Hing Man Angela 莫張慶文; CHOW, Wai Kwan Alice 周慧君 
4May-2006Enchancing English among second language learners: The pre-school yearsWONG, Kwok Shing Richard 黃國成 
52012中國廟宇大中小LO, Yat Ko 盧日高
62002Supporting the professional development of student-teachers in primary and secondary education: Establishing institute-school partnershipCHENG, May Hung May 鄭美紅 ; TANG, Yee Fan Sylvia 鄧怡勳 
7Apr-2005Factors influencing attitudes of secondary school students toward physical educationCHEUNG, Hun Ping Rebecca 張杏冰 
8Apr-2005Experimenting constructivist teaching in an in-service teacher education program in Hong KongLAM, Bick Har 林碧霞 
9May-2008Designing movement activities to promote children's creativity in early childhood educationCHEUNG, Hun Ping Rebecca 張杏冰 
10Jan-2003New directions for language attitudes studies in post-colonial Hong KongLAI, Mee Ling 黎美玲 
11Apr-2005Communicating feedback in teaching supervision in a learning-oriented field experience assessment frameworkTANG, Yee Fan Sylvia 鄧怡勳 ; CHOW, Wai Kwan Alice 周慧君 
12Apr-2005An inquiry into the theory-practice process: What and how student teachers learn?YU, Wai Ming 余慧明 ; CHUNG, Chak 鍾澤; CHAN, Nai Kwok 陳乃國
13Apr-2005Narrative understanding of identity and practiceCHAN, Yim Mei Esther 陳艷媚 ; CHIU-CHING, Tak Lan Rosa 趙程德蘭; YU, Wai Ming 余慧明 
14Apr-2005The Chinese perspectives on the parental choice of an elementary school in Hong KongNGAN, Ming Yan 顏明仁 ; CHUNG, Chak 鍾澤
15Jun-2005Providing motivating early experiences in English to kindergarteners in Hong KongNG, Mei Lee 吳美莉 
16May-2008Billingual education of ethnic minority primary school children in Hong KongWONG, Yuen Fan Lornita 黃婉芬; LEUNG, Cheung Shing Sam 梁長城
17Jun-2005Young children's concept of distributive justice: "You share with me, and I will share with you"WONG, Mun Amanda 黃敏 
18Jun-2005Enhancing literacy in the information age: Challenges aheadWONG, Kwok Shing Richard 黃國成 
19Dec-2003Facilitating active learning through a thematic science curriculumCHAN, Man Tak 陳萬德; KWOK, Ping Wai 郭炳偉 
20May-2005Using "multi-sensory teaching approach" to teach students with learning difficulties reading and writing in Hong KongHO, Fuk Chuen 何褔全 
21Dec-2005Viewing animation film as international learning experience among information overloaded young children: An exploration from the Hong Kong perspectiveCHING, Pui Sun Christina 程佩新 
22Oct-2002Lifeskills for prospective teachersTUNG-CHEUNG, Yee Lai Elaine 董張伊麗
232004體驗學習:概述LAI, May Tan 黎美丹
24Jun-2002Developing teaching strategies through quality feedback from field experienceCHUNG, Sin Ling Jenny 鍾銑玲
25Jun-2005A young child's visual art portfolioCHEUNG, Lai Ha Lily 張麗霞 
26Jun-2009New teacher attributes required for a new teaching professionLEE, Wing On 李榮安
272001《演示軟件 (二):Presentation software II》LO, Man Yiu 盧敏耀; 吳海旻; 張智偉
28Jun-2008The optimal achievement model and underachievement in Hong Kong: An application of the Rasch modelPHILLIPSON, Norman Shane 符理迅
29Apr-2005Professional identity at risk: Teacher professional life cycle in an era of excellence and accountabilityCHOI, Pik Lin Jocelyn 蔡碧蓮; TANG, Yee Fan Sylvia 鄧怡勳 
30Dec-2003小學六年級科學探究活動:「力和簡單機械」CHENG, May Hung May 鄭美紅 ; CHOI, Hing Lun 蔡慶麟
31Sep-2006Constraining factors affecting the use of cooperative learning in primary schoolsCHAN, Kam Wing Paul 陳錦榮 
32Dec-2001Introduction: Action is needed nowKENNEDY, Kerry John 甘國臻 
33Jul-2002The case for formative evaluation in teacher education: A personal viewDOWSON, Christopher Robin 杜信基
34May-2003Reconceptualization of art education in the reform eraLAM, Bick Har 林碧霞 
35Jan-2001Towards a "dispersed" model of organizational learningPAK, Cho Kan 白祖根
36Apr-2005Experiencing identity crises: Stories of three educatorsCHAN, Nai Kwok 陳乃國; LAU, Chun Kwok 劉振國 ; CHUNG, Chak 鍾澤
372004The use of self-assessment in improving students' oral presentation skillsSIU, Yuen Mei Ina 蕭婉媚
382007Classroom management for children with diverse learning needsHUE, Ming Tak 許明得 
391995Helping teachers change the language of the classroom: Lessons from in-service teacher educationHOARE, Philip; KONG, Wai Yu Stella 江惠如 
401997Making textbook language more literaryMURPHY, Michael James
411998Special education in crisisCRAWFORD, Nicholas Brace
42May-1997Using big books in Hong Kong primary schoolsMURPHY, Michael James
43Jun-2002Beyond progressive liberalism and cultural relativism: Towards critical postmodernist, sociohistorically situated perspectives in classroom studiesLIN, M. Y. Angel; LUK, Ching Man 陸靜雯
44Dec-2004Hong Kong primary pupils' cognitive understanding and reasoning in conducting science investigation: A pilot study on the topic of "Keeping Warm"LEE, Yeung Chung 李揚津 ; NG, Pun Hon 吳本韓
45Nov-2006A growth model of teacher development for Hong Kong: A curriculum perspectiveLAW, Hau Fai Edmond 羅厚輝 
46Apr-2005Linking theories to practices through action research: Teaching for relevance in an era of accountabilityHUI, Ming Fai Margaret 許明輝
47Apr-2004Continuity and 'teacher-centred' reform: Potential paradoxes in educational changeCARLESS, David Robert
48Jul-2002Transforming personal practice in assessmentTSUI, Hing Fung Annie 徐慶豐
49Jan-2000Directions of secondary school PE curriculum: A teacher educator's perspectiveLI, Chung 李宗
50Jul-2000Occupational socialisation of the pre-service PE teachers in Hong KongLI, Chung 李宗
Results 1-50 of 21373 (Search time: 0.039 seconds).